BrazilMediaBase works with it’s own team and a network of freelancers and service providers. Here are our main investors and executives:

João Leiva (Partner)

João is Brazilian with over twenty years’ experience in Brazilian media and culture. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Cinema from the University of São Paulo. He worked at one of Brazil’s leading newspapers, Folha de São Paulo, for nearly ten years and managed its business development department.João worked as Communications Adviser to the Ministry of Culture under Claudia Costin. He has been a director at Companhia de Notícias and the newspaper Valor Econômico and is the founding director of J.Leiva Cultura & Esporte, a consultancy to businesses investing in sports and culture.

Ed Porto (Partner)

Edson is Brazilian and has lived and worked in Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the Universidade Pontifícia de São Paulo and has twenty years’ experience in all areas of media: internet; television; radio; newspapers and magazines. Edson has visited and reported from over 15 countries, covering topics as diverse as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Davos Economic Forum and national elections around the world. He has managed strategy, budgets, relationships, projects and teams in management roles at the BBC World Service and several media companies in Brazil.