BrazilMediaBase – Our Work of Cameraman in Brazil, Camera Crew, fixers and Tv Production.


HARDtalk with Romário and Luis Fernandes

HARDtalk with Izabella Teixeira, Minister of the Environment, Brazil

HARDtalk with José Padilha, film director

World Have Your Say in Brazil 


Mixed Martial Arts flourishes in Brazil

Taking flight – World Wing Suit Race in Brazil

Rising Middle Class Affects Domestic Workers in Brazil

Mother Mourns After Daughter is Caught in the Crossfire of Gang Violence

 Mustard Post and Trace

Star Block Workout

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Shoot and production

“Excitement builds as Brazil tour shows progress”
“Preparations pick up in Brazil”


“Battling leprosy in Brazil”
“Brazil new generation of Thalidomide babies”
“Inside a Brazilian Thalidomide factory”
“Fifa’s World Cup warning for Sao Paulo”


Biting back: Taking the sting out of spider venom


Shoot and editing

“China, Brazil currency swap to boost trade”
“Venezuelans worry over economic health”


Besuch bei Luiz Gustavos Familie in Brasilien (Visiting Luiz Gustavo’s family in Brazil)