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“It was a real pleasure to work with Brazil Media Base on our trip to Brazil this year (2014). They were invaluable in securing the high-profile guests and locations we needed for our programmes and their experience in TV production really showed. Carin and Jessica from BMB were very well organised, professional, efficient and great to work with.” 
Nik Sindle
Producer at Hard Talk (BBC)“BMB provided us with a cameraman and equipment to conduct a customer video testimonial in our offices in Sao Paulo. They were very responsive with the quote and understanding our requirements. The  cameraman was very professional and friendly and gave us quality footage of our video shoot. I would recommend BMB because they were easy to work with, reasonably priced and produced the desired results.”
Sam Erdheim
Director of Marketing and Senior Security Strategist at AlgoSec“Brazil Media Base provided efficient liaison with a range of key contacts across Brazil, giving us confidence that we would be able to gather strong material once our trip was underway. Their producer (Jessica Fiorelli) interpreted our journalistic requirements effectively and was also an effective translator and a valued member of the team on the road. BMB also provided a very useful service in booking our travel and accommodation inside Brazil.  We are very happy with the service.”
Stephen Hounslow
Senior Producer at BBC“We cooperated with BMB on a documentary and background-stories about three brazilian footballers who play in the German Bundesliga. Me as a reporter flew to Sao Paulo and from there, I did great trips to various destinations in Brazil together with the outstanding Fixer in Brazil Jessica and cameraman Edward. BMB is a very reliable company, in advance, every mail, every question was answered really quick. It’s a very good feeling to have Jessica around, without her, I would have been lost. She found a very knowledgable expert of Brazilian soccer I could do an interview with, she took care of everything, from rental cars to camera equipment, she speaks very good English and translated during the interviews, but one sees, too, that Jessica is as well a journalist and really able to think in the terms of a story. We had to work very long days, but Jessica and Edward didn’t care, it was a pleasure to work with both of them. I am happy about the pictures I took with me to Germany, too, and I would definitely recommend BMB to any other TV crew.”
Inka Blumensaat
Reporter at NDR
“We contacted the company BMB in short notice after learning that we needed to travel to South America and cover a story on the Australian football team the “Socceroos” playing a friendly against Brazil. We required  an interpreter and someone who may have contacts with the local football association. When we arrived, we were greeted at Brasilia airport by a member of BMB – Jessica Fiorelli. She immediately slipped into gear tracking down our luggage which was lost during transit. Over the next few days, Jessica lined up interviews with talent and organised an exclusive tour of a major football stadium. Her understanding of the English language was first class and she was pleasure to work with.”
Damian Ryan
Reporter at Channel 9

“BMB provided us with very competent Fixer in Brazil and an experienced camera-operator. The fixers were experienced journalists with a very high level of English, who could also provide live-translation and helped us source a range of interesting guests for our film and radio programmes. Our camera-operator took very high quality shots. Prior to our trip to Brazil, the BMB office in Sao Paolo provided quick responses to our requests.I would definitely recommend BMB to other BBC teams as we were very pleased with the outcome of our programmes.”
Deirdre Finnerty
Broadcast Journalist at BBC

“As a regular user of BMB I am happy to confirm that it provides the full range of news broadcast services to the standards required of the main international networks, and is a friendly, professional and helpful team to work with.”
Stephen Gibbs
CCTV News Correspondent in Brazil

“BMB supplied us with a brilliant fixer in Jessica Fiorelli. Jessica did everything in her power to make our film for BBC Newsnight a success, both before and during the shoot. Not only is she an excellent translator but she also has superb journalistic instincts and is able to organise, set up and produce everything required for a TV News production.”
Tony Smith
Video Journalist at BBC 

“We used Brazil Media Base as our primary local production/Fixer in Brazil company for a BBC World 30 minute documentary about the footballer turned politician Romario filmed in May 2013. This was a multi-locational shoot, on a fairly tight budget and fast turn-around — an also involving a “famous” person/celebrity — with all the concomitant difficulties this can involve.  We relied on  BrazilMediaBase to secure as the best possible access to Romario, and to provide us filming permissions/access and transport/accommodation across the country at reasonable rates. We also relied on BrazilMediaBase’s /fixer/translator Julien Brierre and local associate producer Jessica Fiorelli. We had to film in Rio, Brasilia and Sao Paolo, over a ten day period, both in “elite” venues, such as the National Congress, and also in several areas that could be deemed “potentially risky” including non-pacified favella neighbourhoods and public street demonstrations.  I can happily recommend Brazil Media Base in the highest possible terms, they were professional, friendly, knowledgeable, patient, efficient and were able to take a contingency approach/maintain a flexible working pattern as the demands of the production changed over time — as they inevitably do in reality. BrazilMediaBase were also very good value for money and understood that we were ourselves constrained by financial limits and were always able to come up with efficient and cost-effective solutions. Most significantly, Brazil Media Base were intelligent and flexible in their approach to this story — the film was conceived of as an access based documentary about Romario — but once we landed in Brazil Romario himself seemed to have had second thoughts, so we had reconfigure our whole approach. The fact that the film was a success — in fact may even have been a better film for the changes — is another testament to the professionalism of our partners at BrazilMediaBase. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other production companies or broadcasters looking to work in Brazil in the future. I myself hope to work with them again for a film for BBC TV Sports in December 2013.”
Darius Bazargan
Producer and Director of Factual & Current Affairs at BBC 

“The cameraman was simultaneously very professional but also very friendly, which put everyone at their ease – and consequently meant that the shots were more natural and sequences more organic.”
Ben Tavener
Freelance multimedia journalist