Brazil Media Base brings together a network of journalists, TV Production in Brazil, cameramen, editors and fixers to facilitate your media production in Brazil. We are focused on broadcasting and our mission is to help TV journalists from around the world to deliver their stories.  Brazil Media Base’s team and partners have years of experience working with major international media outlets in Europe and in Brazil. BBC, Reuters, ABC and ZDF are some of the companies we have worked with.

We also have people with Brazilian TV experience and contacts with the local TV Networks. We are focused on News, Sports and Documentaries and we know Brazil.  We specialize in:

      • Getting you and your equipment in and around the country;
      • Hiring the best local crew and equipment;
      • Providing production for your reporting;
      • Helping with package ideas and context;
      • Offering cost-effective solutions at every stage of the production process.

Take a look in Our Clients of TV Production in Brazil.