Brazil Media Base…

Brings together a network of journalists, producers, cameramen, editors, fixers and camera crew in Brazil to facilitate your media production.

Global Experience

Our team has worked for major media outlets as the BBC, Reuters and ZDF. We understand the needs of global companies and provide services with international standards.

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Local Knowledge

We work with a network of Brazilian and expat journalists with extensive experience in the country. They are all bilingual and have done stories in many different parts of Brazil.

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Tailored Service

Brazil is not necessarily a cheap place to work. We are focused on finding you the best value for your production money and will tell you what to expect when working here.

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One place

We are facilitators and will help you to manage your project. We work with our own team and with partners to find solutions. Our focus is to deliver the service you really need.

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      • Service – We see all our clients as long term partners
      • Cost efficiency – We focus on finding the most cost effect solutions
      • Specialization – BMB was created to support the international media
      • Trust – Our team is very transparent about what we can do



Brazil Media Base brings together a network of camera crew, journalists, tv production, cameramen, editors and fixers to facilitate your media production in Brazil. We have years of experience working with television, news, sports and documentaries and we know Brazil.

If you need a camera crew in Brazil, TV crew, Cameraman, TV Production, Fixers, Shooting, Filming contact us.